Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj

Address: Central Office, Shivaji Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik-422002, Maharashtra, India

Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj’s

Centre for Promotion, Research and Awareness of Intellectual Property and Innovation

An organization in Maharashtra, established in 1913, MVP has founded several schools, Arts , Commerce and Science colleges and all professional institutes including Medical, Engineering, MBA, Architecture, Pharmacy and Law.

We, at MVP, have realised that Intellectual property generation and protection is the need of the hour. The New Education Policy requires that majority of the inventions in the country should originate from the universities. For this purpose, it is not only important that the universities invent. It is essential that they file and maintain patents, create their IP portfolios, commercialize their inventions, and generate wealth out of it. It was, therefore, envisaged that a fully functional Intellectual Property and Innovation Cell PRADNYA should be established.

  • Strengthen the research and innovation ecosystem leading to incentivisation of scientific breakthroughs
  • Bolster the Intellectual Property environment and ensure competitiveness by creating awareness
  • Facilitate creation, filing and maintenance of IP
  • Enable access to diverse sources of capital for creation/ maintenance of IP through various funding programs
  • Foster a culture of cutting edge research in academia that is industry relevant, and has potential to translate into potential product/ technology
  • Enable resource sharing with academic institutions, R and D centers, industry and government agencies
  • Creating MVP’s IP policy
  • Creating IP awareness: Conducting IP awareness sessions in specific areas like how to assess patentability of inventions, how to file patents for biological inventions, patentability of software etc.
  • Conducting IP clinics: Conducting IP clinics in specific days of the month when inventors from MVP (professors / students) would be able to walk in to discuss about the patentability of their inventions and a proper consultation would be given to them.
  • Drafting, filing and maintenance of IP
  • Filing and prosecution of patent applications
  • Funding the IP filing and maintenance process wherever required
  • Commercialization and tech transfer of generated IP
  • Giving back to the society: All the services of the PRADNYA would be made available at a subsidised cost to farmers in the area and students of other institutes.