म. वि. प्र. समाजाचे

कर्मयोगी दुलाजी सिताराम पाटील कृषी महाविद्यालय , नाशिक

( महात्मा फुले कृषी विद्यापीठ , राहुरी संलग्न )


M. V. P. SAMAJ's

Karmayogi Dulaji Sitaram Patil College of Agriculture, Nashik

( Affiliated to Mahatma Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri)


Main Building
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The Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj, Shivaji Nagar, Nashik was registered in the year 1914 with the main objective to cater the educational needs of the people of the rural masses (Registration No. A- 436/1954). 'Bahujan Hitaya Bahujan Sukhaya' – for the Welfare and Happiness of the common masses is the motto of the institution. With this view, the organization has created the facilities for Primary to Post Graduate education (KG to PG) for the district, especially for those who were deprived of the educational facilities. In addition to this, the organization has started professional Colleges such as Agriculture, Medical, Engineering and Pharmaceutical etc.

Considering the felt need of agricultural education of the people from the district, the institute has started College of Agriculture at Nashik, since1st November 2003. The College is affiliated to Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri Dist: Ahmednagar. Initially the intake capacity was 60 students per year. Since June 2009 the intake capacity of College was increased to 120 students per year. All the necessary infrastructure facilities, viz as building, instructional farm, laboratories and staff have been created as per the norms of ICAR, MCAER and the University (MPKV, Rahuri) for imparting agricultural education, as per the prescribed syllabus of MPKV, Rahuri.

1) College Farm - (Land and Irrigation Facilities ) :- The Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj , Nashik has purchased 40 hectares (100 Acres) land at Kokangaon, Tal. Dindori , District Nashik. The college has taken possession of the land w.e.f. 15th Aug 2014. Primary tillage operations are in progress. It is being developed as an instructional cum demonstration farm of the college. Farm development plan is being prepared by the Department of Agronomy, Horticulture, Animal Science and Dairy Science & Agriculture Engineering of the college. Texture of the soil is sandy loam with good drainage capacity.

A deed regarding purchase of land in between Samast Gaonkari Mandali, Kokangaon , Tal – Dindori , Dist- Nashik  and Sarchitnis, Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj, Nashik is executed on 21st Dec, 2013 in the office of Sub-Registrar Gr. I, Niphad.  Almost 90 percent of land can be brought under irrigation through canal and lift irrigation from above said dams. The Agronomical, Horticultural crops and orchards can be grown on the farm.

2) College Building:- The organization has constructed a beautiful and spacious building (area 11000 sq.m) for the college in the premises of Udoji Maratha Boarding Campus, Nashik. The Principal’s office, Administrative Block, Students Library and 04 Lecture Halls, Seminar Hall, Computer Laboratory and 10 well equipped Laboratories of various disciplines have accommodated in the building. The classrooms, Seminar Hall and Laboratories are well furnished.
However, the efforts are being made by the organization to develop college campus at Mohadi. As such, the organization has initiated the work of plans and estimates of college building at Mohadi farm. The construction work of building at Mohadi will be taken very soon.

3) Hostel Facilities:- At present 227 boys and 91 girls students are taking education in this college. The institute has provided hostel facilities for boys and girls learning ino this college as per demand and need of the students. The Hostel facilities will be created at Mohadi in future for boys and girls.

4) Laboratories:- The well equipped 10 laboratories along with equipments, instruments and machineries for each discipline have been provided for practical purpose. The models, specimens, scientific charts are available for effective learning. The details regarding instruments, implements and apparatus available with each discipline is as below.

"We won the 2nd Prize in Inter-University College Magazine Competition"

Farm Activities

Our Crop Cafeteria

Small scale showcase of seasonal crops are grown in field. Which improves the knowlege of students as well as the visitor. All seasonal crops are grown in rabi and mansoon season in this area. The fresh vegetables which produced in this area also sold in near by market.