म. वि. प्र. समाजाचे

कर्मयोगी दुलाजी सिताराम पाटील कृषी महाविद्यालय , नाशिक

( महात्मा फुले कृषी विद्यापीठ , राहुरी संलग्न )


M. V. P. SAMAJ's

Karmayogi Dulaji Sitaram Patil College of Agriculture, Nashik

( Affiliated to Mahatma Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri)


Main Building
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Cultural Events

Ganesh Festival, Vasant Mahostav 2019 & Cultural Events A.Y. 2018-19

Annual Cultural Programme & Prize Distribution A.Y. 2017-18

The annual cultural programme and prize distribution of MVPS’s K.D.S.P. College of Agriculture was held on 16th March 2018 in Raosaheb Thorat auditorium. Hon. Shri. Dilip Zende was the chief guest of programme and there were present many honourable organisation body member and Marathi stars were present for programme like Shradha Zende and Jayant Bhalerao.

The main prize is distributed to the student Ku. Asmita Dhudhare for securing the prize of “Shiv Chatrapati Khel Ratana Purskar” also there were prizes was distributed for Best Student, Best teaching and non-teaching staff, educational and cultural activities of the students during cultural days held in college during 23-26th February 2018.

Prof. K. P. Bhoye gave thanks to all staff and students for their cooperation. He gave main vote of thanks to Principal Dr. I. B. Chavan for programme organization.